Trespasser- Wages of Faith Demo CS

by Root of Evil Collective Records

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Cassette Tape Out Now


released January 25, 2012



all rights reserved


Root of Evil Collective Records

DIY Label/Collective from Cleveland and Pittsburgh

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Track Name: Trespasser - Demo 2012
Seeds of Man

I have seen the seeds the hands of man sewn
I have seen the cruelty he pours out onto the heads
of those he calls his own
all of the cancers and demons he casts upon himself
he wallows in his filth , he cries out in fear of hell
a hell of his own creation
and made up saviors for whom he kills
he prays to graven images
and welcomes the end of the world
depriving himself in the name of his vanity
then cursing himself for his unholy blasphemy
he will obey for fear of losing everything
he must follow without giving a second thought
he cries out "father why have you forsaken me?"
he never recieves an answer
the kingdom of heaven has no room for wretches.

For Better Or Worse

From the hands I'm told to thank each day
Who's said to work in mysterious ways
Who lay their guilt on the heads of all who obey
and damn the souls of those who won't pray
They cast down their judgement from above
They've killed and maimed to show their love
They call out to me, they know me by name
They tell me I'm lost, that I've gone astray.
From these hands I ask for nothing
No love or protection, no food or clothing
The gifts they hold mean nothing to me
I'd rather rot in hell for all eternity
repress the felsh, call out his name
For the lord giveth, but mostly he taketh away

Break or Obey

Break or Obey
For there is no other way
Your savior can't have me
I wont break or obey
Born and raised on the promise made
and the light it gave, I now betray
All the words I spoke into darkness
never carried the hope i believed
if i am to pray again, this is what it will be.
Bastard father of superstition
Inbred brother, self righteous and forsaken
Haunting ghost with your prying eyes
I am your slave no more
no more surrender

Wages of Faith

Taunted by demons that once possessed me
they hang over my head and call out my name
they have imprinted in my mind
their own filty habits
the prayers of my past
the scriptures and verses I've left them behind
the fear still inside of me is just a residue
of suppression for their name sake
separate their thoughts from mine
pull apart the walls of my mind
never will i be controlled by what i've left behind
Fighting with demons that once possessed me
battling with my own uncertainty
wading through superstitions
a long road lies ahead
to take back the prayers and offerings
i gave up so ignorantly
they've chastised me all of my life
no longer will they have a say
separate their thoughts from mine
pull apart the walls of my mind
never will i be controlled by what i've left behind
taking back my prayers and offerings
to finally cut off the pain and suffering
Unlearn rethink rebuild
Until ive cleansed myself
of all the wickedness they've left inside
blasphemy saved me
irreverence is my only peace
ive paid the wages of faith
I bare it's scars


Communion wine tastes sweet on your tongue
and how holy is the thought to piss the saviors blood
His family is a body and his flock are his hands
bow your head or be strangled to death
the light that leads to slaughter
the name that raises the dead
let earth recieve her king
let humanity meet it's end.